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free gta 5 cheats tool for pc

Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5) v1.0.323.1-v1.0.505.2 nineteen modifier [3DM]

Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.323.1 – V1.0.505.2 Plus 19 Trainer

Alt+Num 1 Infinite Health
Alt+Num 2 Vehicle Infinite Health
Alt+Num 3 Infinite Money
Alt+Num 4 Infinite Ammo/Grenades
Alt+Num 5 No Reload
Alt+Num 6 Infinite Stamina
Alt+Num 7 Infinite Armor
Alt+Num 8 Infinite Special Ability
Alt+Num 9 Infinite Oxygen
Alt+Num 0 Minimize Wanted Level
Alt+Num +|- DayTime+1 Hour | -1 Hour
Alt+Num . Timer -10(Countdown +10) Sec.

Num ./+/- Save Location/Teleport/Undo
Insert Waypoint Teleport

PageUp Super Speed
PageDown Bullet Time

Ctrl+Num 1 Add 100,000 Money
Ctrl+Num 2 Change Weather
Ctrl+Num 3 Stun Gun No Recharge

Home Disable All

1. Unlimited life does not prevent the explosion caused death.
2. Transfer and instantly teleport to mark the position of the characters must rest (standing still) is to take effect, if there is no trigger teleport wait a few seconds before you can try to shortcut keys or more than a few shortcuts.
3. Since there is no record mark position and height, and therefore may fall or fell from a height map after teleport outside, please use together with an unlimited life, it may be killed.
4. No loading of the first shot out of the gun does not work only.
5. Modify function task timer / countdown by modifying the game as a whole because it is timed to achieve, and therefore the following side effects may occur (with solutions):
Unable to walk (Click attacks can be resolved), you can not run / fast swimming (automatic restoration to normal after 10 seconds, with a two is 20 seconds, and so on), or worry if there are other side effects, the task is completed Archive and restart the game to resume.

Download 3DMGAME-Grand.Theft_.Auto_.V.v1.0.323.1-v1.0.505.2.Plus_.19.Trainer-FLiNG


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